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    Hi – I’m trying to add Selz pay buttons. I have copied the code into the HTML side of the page but I still can’t see the button. I would appreciate any help. And is there any other way I can do this. Thanks, Karen

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, @one2wonder, does not don’t support Selz. You may, however, use the simple (no customizations) Buy Now or Donate button from PayPal.

    This is a link to the support document on how to set those up:

    Note: I noticed, a new addition, today (maybe it has been there a while?), under Insert Content that is “Add Payment Button.” I haven’t tried it yet but it might be worth checking out. :)

    I’ll tag staff just to see if there is anything special we need to know about that one.


    Hi Karen,

    I’m trying to add Selz pay buttons.

    I can’t see any Selz buttons/widgets on your site. Are you following these instructions for adding them to a site?:

    If you add the Selz button back again, I can take a look at why it may not be working.


    christinemaze — the ‘Add Payment Button’ is available with Premium and Business plans :)


    Okay…and Selz buttons are okay, good to know. Thanks, gemmacevans.


    christinemaze — you’re welcome and thanks for your help :)



    Thanks so much for your responses – really appreciate it. I will read through the above and try again. Selz responded to me too and another option is creating a store with them and then putting a link on my website to my store. I would prefer to have the buttons on my website though if it can work that way.





    Hi one2wonder,

    I will read through the above and try again.

    Okay, that sounds good. If you run into any problems, leave what you’ve added in place and reply here to let me know.


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