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pay extra for themes but stay with

  1. I read about an upgrade that people can have if they pay extra money.

    It was not mentioned, but would it be possible to pay extra money and have a choice of the themes/templates but remain on

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can pay for a css upgrade but you would need knowledge in css to enable using other themes.

  3. You can always find someone familiar with both CSS and and pay them to adapt the themes, or make you a new one. This will, however, be quite expensive as the starting wage for this kind of work is $50 an hour or so.

  4. Oh, Ok.........I know nothing about html so I'll stay with the present templates. Thank you for letting me know; that's one less thing I have to go rolling through my head.

  5. I have changed to ( from .com just so I can implement a few changes to Monotone theme (add 'next', 'previous', 'random' links above the picture. Depending on what changes you want/how simple they are you might be able to get answers through the forums.....a lot of what you're looking for might have been implemented already.


  6. Thank you, Pa, but I don't think I know enough yet to belong to :-)

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