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    I have a blogsite that needs some fixing up. I know little about HDML. When I first started by blog I just hacked away with trial and error until things looked how I liked. I will pay to have someone work on it. You must be highly qualified and an expert at HDML and WordPress. I need:

    1) Get RSS all working properly and up to date
    2) Get all HDML to validate with zero errors
    3) Check over site and look for anything that may make it more search engine friendly.

    The best answer would be if one of the WordPress team wanted to make a little extra money by cleaning up my site!

    Email me at (email redacted) if interested.


    It’s really hard to create valid HDML ;)



    Looking at your site, you’re on the wrong forum. This forum is for blogs. We don’t host our own sites. And we can’t modify the templates here either.



    It’s really hard to create valid HDML ;)

    Must be something of the US government trying to interfere with the internet and the other governments yet again.


    As stated by Nosysnoop, these forums are for those blogs hosted here at and we run a different code base than you do. You assistance, you need to be over here.

    And since Matt and crew just got a good chunk of outside funding, I don’t think they’ll be looking for outside money for a bit.

    Good luck,



    Thanks for the comments. My site is based on a WordPress template, but I am not using So I will go to the other forum.

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