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    I have set up a donate button 3 times according to the directions and it doesn’t link to anything. I read somewhere that if you have a “free” wordpress account it will not work, is that true? If so, if I upgrade to my own domain name will that be enough to make it work?
    Please help, this is time sensitive!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no upgrade that changes anything at all stated in the guide. Provided you are selling only items that you personally make and/or services you personally provide you ought to be able to post a PayPal button by using this guide


    Ok, that’s good but I am not sure what if anything I am doing wrong then. I have followed it exactly, even though the screen is different than my actual screen at time (ie: HTML tab vs text tab). Any suggestions? I have the icon just no connection to anything when it is clicked.




    Do you have info to help me dbniko?

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