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Pay paypal button on my page

  1. I bought my domain name, Can I add a pay paypal button on my page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This has nothing whatsever to do with the fact you have a domain. Every blogger can post an unencrypted PayPal donation link in theiir blog if they wish to.

    No blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by blogs.

    If you do require an ecommerce site, advertising and/or affiliate links you can hire a web host and get a free software install from Refer to >

  3. Each upgrade at applies only exclusively to what it says it does. Buying a domain name doesn't take you off or exempt you from the technical limitations or Terms of Service.

  4. It's just come to my attention via Crowdfunded Creativity that PayPal has frozen accounts over Donate Buttons used for charitable purposes. It seems "collecting donations as a charity" is something that needs pre-approval, so the issue may have been "you're a charity, which needs pre-approval" rather than "the Donate button is for nonprofits only". So be careful what the Donate button is used for.

  5. @shimworld
    Thanks so much for sharing that information. I have wondered about this same issue myself for years now.

  6. You're welcome. Even in my country, you cannot simply shoot off a charitable drive, go around the neighbourhood, office and shops asking for donation to help someone with an illness fund their medical expenses. You would require written approval from several government agencies before that kindness can legally be put to good use. And I'm pretty the same law applies in most countries - essentially to differentiate what's real and what's fraudulent practice.

  7. PayPal Canada > our Donate button makes it easy and affordable for ... *Charities must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

  8. You didn't know this? Oh god, HUGE issue. HUGE issue. See here:

    It is entirely possible that at any moment Paypal will disallow almost all the Donation buttons on blogs and seize the funds. Take me literally here; it is entirely possible. They have done so before.

  9. i have been going insane trying to figure out how to sell my e-book on (yes I wrote it guys) ... i researched the posts on paypal and now i find the "dodgy solution" of using a donate button really is skating on thin ice ...i discovered that you can create a URL link to your own product page within the paypal site and it takes the customer to a form for their details and it then generates an “email money request” payment. You have to check your emails and send them your e-book when paypal sends you their email. This solution sux but I think it will work.

    This gives my readers the chance to see the product name and price and my merchant name or my email (my choice). They can then either use their paypal login, or beneath that is a section where non-members can go in to enter their card details. in both cases the customer must enter an email address for me to send the e-book to.

    Here is the idiots guide to setting up, please read on …

    Login to paypal, get premium membership, log in again, go my accounts, click on profile (last item on second line of toolbar), go to my selling tools, then paypal buttons and click update, look for sample buy now button, then click on action, get a drop-down menu and click create new button, … the page refreshes and you fill out the form, ie nominate what type of button first (eg buy now), then type in item name (eg book title), item ID (optional product number), item price, currency, optional custom drop down boxes or text fields (leave these blank) , postage (leave this blank for e-books), click a radio button for your choice of merchant name (default is your real name) or email, there are optional step 2 and step 3 for inventory control and advanced features, I left these blank,,, click the yellow CREATE BUTTON box, and the page will refresh.

    Now heres the tricky bit. You are shown a default panel of html code under the “WEB” tab, this chunk of html code will probably NOT WORK IN….. what you need to do is look for the EMAIL tab … now click on EMAIL … YES!!! You now have a useable URL link …click the “select code” box underneath, go control c to copy and then control v to paste it into a new word document or into an email to yourself, add it to your web sites or your emails and now your in business baby. Each of your products can have its own URL, cool.

    For a start-up this could work ok but of course i have to manually send out the email.
    It works for me because its not rocket science. when my sales volumes increase i may need to upgrade to pro

    BUT i have NO IDEA yet whether Pro offers an instant link for customers after they leave the checkout, so they can download the e-book
    The e-book has to sit on either a webpage or some FTP retrieval. How can i make the e-book site secure so nobody else can start selling it too ??????? does it have to have an encrypted / secret address ???

    Can somebody write something about this question pls HELP

    Andy Flame , author of “internet dating success: life the universe and everything”

  10. Unfortunately, after hours of trying to add the paypal button into my website: i'm giving up

  11. You could have come here, given the specifics of the failure, and we could have helped you.

  12. As for the ebook question, as specified above, the Pro package doesn't enable ecommerce. If simply emailing the book out once you've gotten the money isn't good enough, you will have to leave and get a self-hosted WordPress.ORG install.

  13. thanks but i couldnt host myself out of a wet paper bag. its good to know what pro CANT do , time to move on ....

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