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    I am registering for a new blog with a Domain. While I want to pay and fill out about my personal address, it does not recognize it…

    The blog I need help with is


    Well… I can’t wait for weeks for an answer…


    on the top of the page, it is written:
    The “Ville” field can only contain the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 . , ‘ – [space]
    The “Tél.” field can only contain the following characters: 0-9 . + ( ) –

    I made the change for the telephone but for the “Ville”, which means “City” I really does not understand…

    I am pissed off…


    Forget about it!
    Thank you anyway…



    Patience is a virtue, there isn’t a staff member on these forums 24/7 and refrain from swearing on the forums.



    Hi Christine, I’m sorry you ran into issues when registering your domain. I see that the registration did go through and your domain is now working. Let me know if you need assistance with anything else!


    Thank you!
    For weeks I am working through WP from a previous one… The fact that French is my mother tongue doesn’t make it easy when technical issues are there…
    I just couldn’t understand what was going on because wasn’t explained what exactly was wrong…
    I work at different steps right now from the WP template until I finally choose a much nicer… The big step will be from import (export?) what was in the original one that has been looked at by a few thousands already…

    I keep you in mind.
    Very nice from you!



    Good to hear you are making progress. Sometimes users accidentally type characters like “!” into the City field, that’s why errors may occur. Checking the fields for typos and trying again usually helps.

    We also have forums in French, where volunteers usually can help out with your questions:


    Thank you. I take note.
    Nice from you!



    You are welcome, happy blogging!

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