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Paying for a WordPress domain name and I can't log in

  1. minisculegiants

    I am writing from a second WordPress account because I can't log in to my first account at all.

    Due to two moves and a new baby, a lot of time went by without me logging in to my account or my blog. When I tried it earlier this month, the password I thought was connected with it wouldn't work. I tried the password I had before that, and it wouldn't work, either. Then I tried all the other passwords I could think of in case I had changed it again and forgotten about it. Nothing worked.

    I tried retrieving my password. I couldn't get the password from my new e-mail address, which I was pretty sure I had linked to my WordPress blog. I couldn't use the password I signed up with because it was deleted during the first move (it was associated with a local communications company that doesn't serve our new area).

    When I first set up the account a year ago, I purchased a domain name for my blog. It has recently been renewed, which means I'm paying for something I can't use. I can't even get on my blog to delete it (or the financial institution information connected with it), although I'd probably start blogging again if I could.

    Is there any help for me here at all????

  2. Ther is no blog linked to your username and we can't help until we know which domain you are referring to as well as which underlying blog you are domain mapping from to it. Please posvide the links starting with http://

  3. minisculegiants

    Thank you!

    The blog is; the domain is the same at
    I'm not sure about the blog, unless it's I believe is what it would have been for the very short time before I bought the domain name. Does this sound correct?

    I am very much looking forward to your reply!

  4. This is the underlying blog URL
    This is the domain URL

    Can you log in by using this either of these links?

  5. Oh wait! I just missed the obvious. You must be logged in under the username account that created the blog. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. minisculegiants

    Actually, I'm not. The username that created the blog can't access the blog or the domain. I'll log out of this second account and try again using the links you sent me, and check back in a few minutes.

    I truly, truly appreciate your help.

  7. minisculegiants

    No. I can't log in using either link.

  8. minisculegiants

    Thank you for flagging this for staff attention.

  9. Nerts! Please be patient while waiting for Staff to get to this thread.

  10. The blog you're referring to belongs to a gbr[...] (at) email address.

    Do you have access to this email address or the transaction ID from the receipt of your domain purchase or renewal?

  11. minisculegiants

    Hello! The gbr[....] email address is the one I opened the blog with, but it is also the one I no longer have access to. It was associated with a local communications company that doesn't serve the area we moved to.

    I do have a transaction ID number for the first purchase. Do I give it to you here, or someplace else?

  12. no puedo acceder a mi cuenta recién creada. Desde ayer lo intento pero no me permite crear un blog. A qué se debe esto mi enlace es xelhuantzi y no me deja abrir blog pese a que tengo una clave de acceso

  13. Por favor, publique los foros de los que hablan español

  14. minisculegiants, I'll send an email to you in just a few minutes. Once received, please reply with your transaction ID.

  15. minisculegiants

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone. Things are much better now.

  16. I can not access my account you just created in Word Press. Since yesterday I try but I can create a blog. Which is this. My link is xelhuantzi and will not let me open blog even though I have a password. What I can do

  17. minisculegiants, you're welcome!

    xelhuantzi, you have not created a blog under your account. If you want to register one, you'll need to visit while logged in.

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