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Paying for domain mapping

  1. how do i pay for a domain mapping subscription. The mapping of to is about to expire, and I would like to pay the $13 before the it expires in about 10 days. I have gone to dashboard, store, domains and can not get to anywhere that asks me to pay.
    The site was owned by benlandau, who recentlt changed it to me LesLandau, so maybe that is the problem. I do not want this mapping to expire.
    What can I do?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Blog url:

  2. The domain mapping subscription is still owned by the other user. He'll need to request that we transfer it to you.

  3. Wow, what a quick reply, thanks!
    Ben (my son) tells me that he has made me the owner of the site/blog (not sure how he did that).
    What should he do to change the domain mapping subscription to me? Does he do this via email, and if so, then who to?
    Thanks again for your great support.

  4. You can have Ben reply to this forum thread to confirm transferring ownership of the domain mapping upgrade to your account.

  5. Ok, I will do that. But Ben does seem to have tried to transfer ownership as shown by the email I received below.
    I received an email from Support Forums ([email redacted]) on Friday 5th October at 8:12am (Australian eastern standard time) with a subject heading of "[ ] Transfer Blog"
    that said:


    You are now the owner of the blog ''.

    Thanks for using the site,

    All at

    Should I still ask Ben to reply to this thread? He is in europe at the moment.

    Thanks and cheers,

  6. Sorry for the confusion!

    Ben did transfer ownership of the blog, but not the domain subscription.

    He won't be able to reply here, since this is a private forum, but he can either leave a request at or [email redacted]

    Just make sure that he references

    Also, if you can, please let us know when he leaves the request so we can expedite it.

  7. bryanvillarin

    (Oops, my mistake about replying to the forum thread. I'm sorry about that!)

  8. Hi,
    Ben has now emailed the request to [email redacted] with heading of Re: FW: [ Forums] Paying for domain mapping.

    I assume that I will hear from someone when it has been completed.
    Thanks for your help,

  9. Thanks Les, I found the email. I'll reply to this forum thread when you're all set.

  10. Hi Bryan,
    Ben has sent another email with the data you wanted to support. It was sent at 18:53 on 7 Oct Australian Daylight savings time, with a heading of Re: [WordPress #1336119]: Re: FW: [ Forums] Paying for domain mapping
    Thanks and cheers,

  11. bryanvillarin

    Hi Les,

    Excellent, I got the confirmation from Ben and transferred the domain mapping to your account.

    I hope this helps!

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