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paying for the mapping

  1. I have one problem. I want to do a mapping, but unfortunately wp doesn't give me an opportunity to do it. When I tried to pay with my either one card, or with another, it wrote:

    "This transaction has been completed, but the total of items in the cart did not match the total of all items.

    The transaction cannot complete successfully. Possible causes are: 1. Your card has failed a CVV2 check at least six times within a 30 day period; 2. The billing address you provided does not match the billing address of your card. Please double check your CVV2 code and billing address."
    I checked everything in banks and everything is in order. I was told, that wordpress has some problems. Can you fix them???

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Which country is your billing address located in?

  4. Georgia.

  5. Ah, that could be the problem.

    Just to be absolutely sure, the country of Georgia, or the state of Georgia (US)?

  6. Country Georgia, Tbilisi, Europe.

  7. I double-checked, and Georgia is not one of the countries we're having issues with.

    Do you have another card you could try, or maybe a PayPal account?

  8. I used another credit card. luckily I had that concrete card. But besides that card, I have 2 other cards and they did't work on WordPress.
    But Why cannot I pay with those other debit cards??? Why should I have PayPal??? Why are all transactions on are currently processed by PayPal??? This will mean, that we, Georgian people will never be able to make a mapping. It's unfair. :((

  9. Any company that accepts credit cards has to use a third-party gateway, and PayPal is our payment gateway.

    Unfortunately, we have no control over their policies, but some of these restrictions are becoming industry-standard due to fraud concerns.

  10. It's very bad.
    This means, that very few quantity of Georgian population will be able to make a mapping.

  11. @macmanx - too bad you can't find a second gateway for the higher fraud countries - the advantage that WordPress.COM has is you are not shipping TV's or other items - all your services are on the web for the upgrades so if a payment bounces you have not shipped some expensive item out of the country, you just take the upgrade away - yes I know that takes extra time. Maybe for those problem areas have a slower refund time to return money in case the incoming money was fraud -

    Yes I know - might not be enough people to justify the extra effort - or maybe someone could research how people could pay from the high fraud areas (certain bankcard or other services)

  12. It's not a matter of our policies, rather it's a matter of our payment gateway simply refusing to process funds from certain countries, so we really can't get around it by doing something on this end.

    Looking into new or alternative gateways is on the map, but sadly it's not as simple as just flipping a switch.

  13. If it was a 5 minute fix I am sure it would have been done a long time ago - I just find it sad that a whole country is penalized by the fraudsters - good luck on finding a fix

  14. Oh, by the way, As far as you know, I'm georgian, from Tbilisi. We have a bank, which is called "Cartubank" and the link is: . So the plastic card department of this bank made a very good thing. This is the only bank in Georgia, which protects a plastic card owner from fraud via VBV (Verified By Visa). how? you can read this article: and this:

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