Paying with Paypal balance NOT credit card

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    I wanted to buy the customization packet for my blog. I have paypal with money in it, but no credit card attached to the account.
    When I tried to checkout it kept telling me to add a credit card to my account to make the payment. I tried changing the funding source to use the money I’ve already got sitting there in the balance, but it sends me back to ‘add a credit card’.

    I don’t want to add a credit card, I want to pay with the money I already have in paypal. I’ve seen ‘happiness engineers’ here saying people can use their paypal balance, is this only for certain functions (not including customization)?

    Yet it says you would accept ‘bitcoins’. I’m trying to pay with dollars and I feel like I’m being asked for magic beans instead. How can I pay?

    Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this.



    Any help at all would be appreciated, thank you.

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