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payment method

  1. hello

    Is there any way to pay for Bundle pack on just via Paypal ?

    I don't have any debt or credit card - only payment card

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have also same issue

    I don't have debit card or Credit card. I have paypal but don't have credit card

    Is there any way to pay amount and register wordpress Domain mapping service

    Your reply will be greatly appreciated

  3. We do accept PayPal in addition to credit cards. The option to pay via PayPal will be available as you check out.

  4. yes but even when I want to pay via PayPal on check out they asking me for my credit card number which I don't have

  5. Many customers are this problem. IF wordpress provide payment option for their services Demand Draft/Cheque it will be more benefit and customers happily use wordpress services

  6. ciawarhater, if you have a balance in your PayPal account, and you log in to that account, you won't be asked for a credit card.

    manaresults123, you ca pay via eCheck or bank transfer if you pay via PayPal.

  7. when I am trying making send payment (eCheck) it asking email To (Email):

    Could you provide wordpress paypal eamil id for paying amount for Domain Registration and Domain Mapping services.

    Could you suggest procedure of eCheck via Paypal

  8. You'll need to pay with the eCheck direct to your PayPal account balance, then pay us through your PayPal account balance.

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