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  1. I'd like to transfer my domain on your servers. I have a paypal account not linked with a credit card. I can't pay the 13$ but I have the money on paypal.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades uses PayPal as the payment processor, and as such, can only accept payment from countries they support:

    In addition to major credit cards Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and PayPal can accept echecks and some debit cards.

    The debit card must have a VISA or Mastercard symbol on it, and should work just like a credit card when selecting the VISA or Mastercard option on the payment form, even though it's a debit card.

    More about echecks here: also accept Bitcoin for payment of certain upgrades ( bitcoin cannot be used for domain and premium theme purchases) - you can learn more here:

  3. I have paypal, and I have money on it

  4. Then what is stopping you from going ahead with this, exactly?

  5. My paypal is not linked with a credit card, 'cause I don't have a credit card. but I have about 45$ and only 13$ to pay. O_o

  6. Since I don't know why or when staff started requiring your Paypal to be attached to a credit card, I flagged this for staff attention. I've never had to connect mine, although it does have to be connected to a bank account, I believe.

  7. We do accept PayPal balance, but there could be a hold on your PayPal account.

    I recommend contacting PayPal about this.

  8. I have recently encountered the same issue, PayPal won't let me proceed with the payment unless i link a credit card to the account. My paypal balance is enough to cover the costs and i have no trouble with any other payments via paypal.

  9. Are you using any foreign currency, or do you have US dollars in your PayPal balance?

  10. Pretty sure those are interchangeable in paypal. But my primary currency is Euros, indeed.

  11. Ok, do you have enough balance in your account to cover the currency conversion to US Dollars and any fees PayPal may place on the transaction? That could be why they need an additional source of funds attached to your account.

  12. More than enough, if i may say so. And like i said, i can purchase other things with no problem.

  13. Ok, we're attempting to get in touch with our PayPal representative to see what the problem could possibly be, since we aren't finding anything on this end.

  14. Any luck with that?
    It still is impossible to proceed with the payment.

  15. Not a definitive solution yet, but try disabling auto-renew during purchase.

  16. It seems that i have to make the purchase first to disable the auto-renewal.

  17. Oh, my apologies, that's what they're still working on.

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