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Payment options for upgrades

  1. Although I've been using WordPress for several years (self hosted & via it's only now I'd had a need for any of the paid upgrades available. And I was surprised to see that there was only an option to pay for a year in advance, and unfortunately I'm not in a position to pay $59.97 in one go. I'm sure I'm not alone there.

    However if there were alternative payment options, such as the option to subscribe on a monthly basis, I know I would certainly make use of at least videopress, and possibly others.

  2. Offering upgrades on an annual basis that are paid for annually is common business practice. Any change being made to that practice that results in more work and monitoring at the seller's end by their Staff, which is what monthly payments would result in, would also result in the additional costs for labor,etc. being passed on to all who purchase upgrades.

  3. Now admittedly I don't know how the paid upgrades work behind the scenes, and whether it requires the change to be made manually. However assuming it's automated, then there'd only be an upfront effort implementing the technical changes to enable monthly subscriptions.

    If it isn't automated, or is labour intensive, to implement paid upgrades then it also makes business sense to streamline those processes as well.

    I can only think of two reasons to not offer more pay options. Firstly the effort to implement the changes (either upfront changes or ongoing ones) are prohibitive.

    Or there is a belief that fewer high value transactions is more beneficial then more low value ones. Now this could be the case, however when dealing with a product & service such as I think that's unlikely. It's likely that users that pay for upgrades are long term users and intend to stay with, as there are very few competitors to it.

    It would enable more impulse purchase as well. For instance the reason I wanted videopress today was because I realised I couldn't upload video I'd taken from my son's sports day. If I could have gone and paid ~$5, I would have continued paying.

    The fact that some other online services only offer yearly subscriptions, does not necessarily make it good business practice for everyone.

    You make the assumption that changing

  4. I have no desire to ague with you. I stated my opinion. I'm a Volunteer and I don't make decisions only Staff do. You will have to make your case to them because they are the decision makers.

  5. Sorry if it sounded as if I was trying to argue, that wasn't my intent. I'm just offering an idea that, from my perspective at least, seems to be a win-win for the site.

  6. No problem. You are entitled to present whatever idea wish to present to Staff. Carry on. :)

  7. The shorter term renewals should be a bit higher than an annual subscription to make up for the increased transaction costs. My insurance company now charges me $ 5.00 each time they send me a bill. That would put the added costs on the people using the short term renewals. The only down side (other than changing the entire billing system for what I would think would be a small number of people) would be the chance for someone to game an upgrade by paying for only one month an then coasting the rest of the year. (the space upgrade could be gamed in this way)

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