Payment via Paypal in store?

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    In case I would like to upgrade anything in the wordpress store..
    What kind of payment methods are there? I couldn´t find any infos.

    I am interested in paypal. Would there be this option too?
    I am not planing on anything I just ask in case I would want to upgrade some day.

    The blog I need help with is



    Paypal and Bitcoin are the only two methods that I know they accept. You won’t see payment options until you have clicked to get an upgrade.


    That sounds great. Thanks.

    Another question..

    In case I would rent an own domain…. would be monetizing allowed then? I mean advertising.


    No. Advertising is not permitted.

    Also there are some restrictions on payment methods for certain upgrades like domains.


    Ok thanks for the infos.


    So what kind of restrictions? Domain cant be rented via paypal? I miss a wordpress site where they do explain it.



    Pretty much everything to do with WordPress is explained here


    I´ll check it out. Thank you.

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