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Payment woes

  1. We seriously need help. Due to a staffing change we find ourselves in a dilemma as a former staff member set up and was being personally billed for our domain registration and mapping. Given that our current staff was not aware of this, our registration for 2014 expired. This has taken down our website which governs our email service. The good news is that we have been able to recover the user name an password from our former colleague and been able to log on. The bad news is that becasue of the expiration issue, we haven't been able to figure out how to pay so we can reinstate service and get our website and email service operating again. Can someone help us figure out how to pay and reactivate our website/email? Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide the URL for the domain in question in the form of an active link starting with http://

  3. Hi Lynn,

    As TimeThief asked, could you please let me know the URL of the blog ([blogname] which you are having issues with and I'll look in to it.


  4. The new url we just assigned on Thursday is "" we changed it to this from ""

  5. Hi again,

    It doesn't look like there has ever been any upgrades associated with this blog at Is it possible that the domain name which you were using was registered elsewhere?

    If you let me know the domain, I can look it up and I might be able to see where it was registered.

  6. Our domain name is "" What I think we really need to pay is a bill that has been paid to wordpress every May for the past two years for mapping the domain to wordpress. I have a copy of the of the confirmation email with transaction ID that my colleague received the past two years. The Item on that is listed as: Domain Registration - mapped to http;// The cost for 2012 and 2013 was $18.00 and it was billed to my colleagues credit card. He however is no longer with us.......

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I just sent you an email to the address which we have on file. Could you go ahead and check that? Since this deals with account specific and billing issues we really need to continue this in a private conversation.

    Thank you!

  8. I wish I could send an email the problem is that our email is linked to our website, so does not work until the website is functional? I did not set this up. Could you email me at [email redacted] which is my own email? I hate to set up another account as it will just confuse anyone coming into the program...

  9. Hi Lynn,

    The email address which we have associated with this account (which you have written in from) is not the same domain, It is an entirely different domain. It is the email address at which you would receive any notifications about your blog

    I cannot email a different email address as that would be a violation of our own security. I apologize.

  10. Hi again - I believe I have made the necessary changes in the office and online to allow us to communicate via email regarding this account. I apologize for the lengthy delay. If at all possible I would like to resume our discussion at the email that is currently listed with this domain - I thank you in advance for your patience in this matter and would like very much to get this account up to date and in good standing.

  11. OK, that would be great. I'm going to email you with the specifics of what we need, since this has to do with account recovery, and shouldn't be on an open forum. Please check the email address which is associated with this account for an email in the next few minutes.

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