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  1. does anyone else have paypal issues. They are pretty brutal. I am trying to buy upgrade and try credit card (non-paypal method) and it says my billing address is wrong - i think it still links to paypal data. The billing address is NOT wrong i use the card all the time. Paypal won't let me change any information because the account is limited for no good reason - they are insane. Any advice - alternative ways to pay for upgrade?


  2. Do they have a forum where you can ask or have you emailed them?

  3. Yea - they just got back to me today and fixed it. It was just "limited" for like five days - for no good reason. I'm all good and can now buy the CSS upgrade so I can make the greatest blog known to man (or woman). Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Thanks for your help!

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