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    Just 1 ?
    I seen a link that u can put PayPal in wordpress 2 use as a donation link, just wonder can u use it as a link 2 buy things from ur blog?
    instead of using a zen cart ?

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to your blog please.


    Selling things on wordpress.COM is a very narrow thing. If you wrote your own book, or created your own crafts, paintings or pottery – with your own hands – then you are allowed to sell those. If you are buying tee-shirts or novelties from ebay or China and plan on selling those, you will end up getting your blog deleted.



    TSP — my blog is, and I make my own jewelry which I would like to sell on my blog using the “add to cart” and “buy now” buttons on PayPal. I went through the WP tutorial and followed all the steps, but there are two problems I am encountering: first, the codes specified in the WP tutorial are for the “donate” button only, so I don’t know where to get the codes for the “cart” and “buy” buttons. Second, on the PayPal website, there is no option to select an e-mail code vs. a website code to paste into my WP links URL. Can you offer some advice?



    The “add to cart” and “buy now” buttons contain javascript which is not allowed here at wordpress.COM due to security concerns. My suggestion would be to get your self an etsy shop account and then link to the individual items in your etsy shop and then visitors can buy them there.



    OK — Thanks -!



    Just out of curiosity: If I were to have someone make a bunch of Want Ice Water tee-shirts for me, would that count as a “with your own hands” thing for me to sell. I know I could do the etsy shop thing as well, I’m just wondering where those pesky “fine lines” are. :-)

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