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    I would like to add a paypal button to my blog but not for donations but for people to buy my merchandise. Is this possible? I only see the option for donations.

    The blog I need help with is

    #687469 really isn’t suited for ecommerce and selling things here is quite limited. Basically what staff have said in the past is that if you create something yourself, a book, jewelry, pottery, paintings, crafts – that sort of thing – then you can sell those items. Most people set up an Etsy shop to do that and then link to it from their site here.

    The second issue with the paypal buttons is that they require code that is not allowed here for security reasons. The paypal donate button uses plain HTML so it can be used here.



    Such a speedy response. Thank you so much for your help. I needed this information.


    You are welcome.

    If you are going to be doing ecommerce, then your best bet is probably to self-host a wordpress installation on a web host such as godaddy, bluehost, etc., using the software from wordpress.ORG. You then have pretty much complete freedom on what you can do.


    Dear thesacredpath,
    I wonder if you can help me. please?
    I have a bunch of artworks and wearable art that I have created

    I tried to insert the Paypal code.
    Now my question is, is the button thing not working because I put it in the photo description?

    Any and all constructive ideas and suggestions to get it working on the site would be appreciated as I’ve just moved a different blog over to a .org and I can only do one thing at a time. lol

    thanks Lisa



    We can only use the unencrypted PayPal donation button of free hosted blogs.


    hmmm ok thanks so I will have to roll this site over to a .org too
    times like these i need a good elf



    Best wishes with your move. :)

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