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Paypal 'Add to Cart' Option?

  1. I am trying to post a paypal button code onto my Contact Page. The support 'walk through suggests only a 'Donate' button. Am I allowed to sell books through WordPress? If so please tell me the process for posting the 'Add to Cart' button code. Do I need to go through Edit page before adding button code in HMTL? The email connection option does not seem to be suggested in the paypal process through which I got the code.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes you can see your own book, but I'm afraid that the only button that will work here is the plain HTML donate button. The other buttons require scripting for encryption and that is not allowed here for security reasons.

    I think if you have a flat fee for the book and shipping, you can set that as the amount for the donate button. You will have to verify that at Paypal, but I think I remember it being that way.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I will verify, try again, and hope not to have to ask again.

  4. I am probably being very dim. I followed the Support page on each step to install a paypal button ( on my contact options page). But the paypal code to link the button to a payments option does not seem to effect the link. Presumably I click on the image, click on visual editor link sign and ctl +c and ctl +v to get the link to my paypal account? Is that correct?

  5. The reason it's not working is that that simply does not ever work here. You're not doing anything wrong. ONLY the unspecific, and unencrypted, Donation button can be used here.

  6. Thanks. I seem now to have a donation button linked to my paypal account on my Contacts Option page. That will have to do for now. I hoped to manage to have it on the sidebar of the Home page as well. I'll battle with that another day. Thanks for help

  7. Just copy the exact code from your Contacts Option page (well, all the code pertaining to Paypal) from the HTML editor and paste it in a Text widget.

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