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paypal button

  1. i want to add a donate button using paypal. Can i do this in the sidebar or add a page on the menu bar or both

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Both.

  3. Ok , I got to the point where i entered the button url in the text
    editor, how do i switch to the visual editor, da dumb me
    Thanks for all your help

  4. when i open the editor from new posts there are no tabs at the top
    as suggested in the support for switching editors...........what now

  5. Here you go > Missing Visual Editor

  6. ok , i got the button and the code into the editor, by saving the button
    as a gif. but the image and the url came up in my posts section. how do i move it to the sidebar. i don't think the button is working . why is this so complex?
    thank you for the support

  7. but the image and the url came up in my posts section. how do i move it to the sidebar.

    I soul switch to the Text (HTML) editor and carefully copy all of the code. then I would paste it into a text widget and after I was sure it worked I would go back and delete the draft post.

  8. edit "soul" was meant to be "would"

  9. thank you for all your help. i finally got the button on the sidebar. I assume it takes a little time for it to be activated

  10. You have a problem with the URL.

    Look at this incorrect URL:

    Now look at the correct one:

  11. how can this be...........i took the url directly from the paypal site
    do you mean i have to do this over again?

  12. If you want it to work, yes. The first version has an extra https in it, and will not work.

  13. Do i have to delete the image already on my side bar and if so how
    do i do that?

  14. No, you just go into the text widget and remove the first http:// from that particular link. Double check all the URLs in the code to make sure there's only one http in them. Then Save the widget and close it.

  15. thank you

  16. I did that and the button still does not work ......... any ideas?/

  17. It appears you took out the link entirely instead of just the extra http. Now all it has is the image and a link closing tag, not the link opening tag that should go in front of the image code.

    <img alt="" src="">

    What you need is

    <a href=""><img alt="" src=""></a>

  18. Oh for GOD's sake, WordPress, that is not the code. FIX THE CODE TAGS.

    Here is what you need:

    <a href=""><img alt="" src=""></a>

  19. Is that all i need in the text box......i just added the code from your last there something wrong with the code ? Do i delete the upper code that was already there

  20. That is all the code you need for the button.

  21. It works now.........thank you for all the help

  22. You're welcome.

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