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    Hello genius WP troubleshooters!

    I perused the forums to find out how to add a PayPal button to my blog. And I found: which had great step-by-step directions, but I only saw the img src code for “Donate” buttons. I already have the email link code for my PayPal Buy Now button, but I can’t find an img src code for the right graphic. I just want to be able to sell my book from my blog too. =)



    The blog I need help with is


    Ok, I just reread what I wrote and maybe it didn’t sound like I was asking a question…

    Where can I find the img src code for a “Buy Now” button instead of the “Donate” button codes provided at ?

    I have the email link code to use for the functionality part of it, but just not the code for the Buy Now button graphic.




    OK, I deserve not to get an answer. Lack of patience leads to thinking outside the box. I’m snagging a PayPal image off of Photobucket.

    Thanks for the help kick-starting my brain. =)


    Hi- I’m trying to do the same… to add a ‘buy now’ button to my blog to sell a service- Curious if you found the answers you were looking for and are willing to share?
    Thanks so much!



    @buildinggurus – please contact Support


    Thanks! I will…

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