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    I am trying to paste the following HTML text into a Free Text/Arbitrary HTML Widget. It is for a Donation Paypal button.

    <form action="" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
    <input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="QPJY55XS9M57W">
    <input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">
    <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">

    When I press “Save” in the Widget, everything all of a sudden disappears, except for the following line :
    <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">

    Any insights regarding why this might happen ? Thanks !

    The blog I need help with is


    You can’t use the “forms” code, you have to use the plain HTML code for the donate button as explained on this support page.



    Good to know. I wonder why these simple things have to be so involved.

    Thanks though.


    thats really a crock.. to have to go through all those contortions.. I really like word press and just started a blog, but I could go to blogger and have NO trouble using simple form tags and links to other buttons (i,e.) taking payments through “Serve”.. I have a “regular” domain that I was rebuilding my “commercial” site with WP but if I test payment buttons and cant do a simple form, then I am done with WP.. I’ll go back to Dream Weaver (or hand code) and just host the blog through my regular provider..


    I should also point out.. the “serve” widget uses flash which requires an activeX control.. I used an email link to get around even before I checked this forum. I can understand the need to avoid potential malicious code but the lack of “form” tag support just goes a little far.. Can’t remember the original version of WP that I tinkered in but significant and unfavorable changes have been made up to the current version… Some beautiful sites can be done in WP, especially when you are able to install some of the MANY plugins.. but this form issue really kind of floors me.. I’m a capable coder, fairly fluent in HTML and CSS.. another way around this problem would be to link an external site in a “pop up” type window, but why make a visitor go through the clicks… this is kind of why I haven’t put a ton of energy in to my own blog until I could test a few features.. My concern is that.. even of I upgrade to all the “premium” features that this would still be an issue..



    Our blogs are not free standing. is a WordPress multiuser (wpMU) site. I don’t know what you mean by upgrading to prenium. We can purchase individual upgrades and even bundles of upgrades but that does not change the realities expressed here > vs The Differences


    what I mean by “upgrade” is the ability to customize etc.. like CSS which I can do free with my own hosted site.. I can completely re-do the look of a WP theme.. but if I “upgrade” on as in pay for the domain and all the premium features.. you are telling me that the new.. latest and greatest WP cant handle a form tag?.. there are some seriously smart guys (and girls) involved in this project and you call that a reality?.. no thanks.. I’ll move along..



    if I “upgrade” on as in pay for the domain

    Domain MappingImportant Notes Before Upgrading
    Custom Design Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions



    no thanks.. I’ll move along..

    Goodbye and best wishes no matter what you decide to do.


    yes timethief.. but if I were to do that, I would probably do it through my “regular” host (powweb) where I can install WP and have complete control.. on my laptop today so can’t test simple thing like the form tag on my local host (I run Apache and IIS).. I can easily use forms (like complex contact forms) get ehvia a plug in like form builder or a third party provider, but have not tried to use something like a pay pal “buy now” (with drop down option) on a site yet.. at least not with just not used to the hassle.. my WP blog is the first free site I’ve used in probably 10 or 12 years.. get what you pay for I guess.. WP free great for just straight bloogers but.. and I find it odd that I have NO trouble on Blogger (set some stuff up for a relative) as far as placing affiliate links or form tags or flash based widgets..


    lol.. yup.. caught the last.. you must have posted as I was typing.. sorry for the sps.. hate the lap top sometimes.. but.. thanks.. probably doesn’t suit my needs.. take care..



    I’m not sure why you are posting this here. I am fully aware of how to hire a web host and set up and operate a install – been there and done that. I’m fully aware of what cannot and cannot be done on a blog. There’s nothing more to be said here.


    Im sure you are.. and there was nothing meant.. but you are the one that starting asking questions when the start of the thread dealt with a simple form tag in a widget.. its a defect in WP.. jmo.. have a nice day


    The issue here is the way things are structured. With this being a multi-user environment where we all share the same underlying theme and core wordpress files, any bad code introduced by one could possibly bring down the entire system. If we all had our own personal installation of wordpress, then if you installed bad code, it would affect only you.

    This style of system has many advantages from a “hosting” standpoint. First off, wordpress can roll out code changes very quickly since there is only one instance of the underlying code. If each person had their own separate installation, can you imaging trying to update over 30 million wordpress installations? WordPress rolls our somewhere between 10 and 50 code changes and bug fixes each day.


    tsp.. I said something exactly to that effect.. in understanding the need to prevent malicious code (as in the activeX control for flash).. I understand network administration and being able to simultaneously effect system wide changes with the stroke of a few keys.. I would fully understand even the restriction on the ability to upload via a form, or restrict the the “form action” to refer to an untrustworthy outside source.. I also stated I was WP fan.. my original reply was that I thought it silly that a simple form from a trusted referrer would require so much manipulation.. but it is what it is.. no hostility here and no hard feelings..


    The form code though can be modified by someone before they insert it, just as javascript or flash could be.

    WordPress does now support Wufoo forms. Have you looked to see if you can get what you want through them?

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