PayPal buttons not working in WP?

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    I’ve been trying to figure this out now for too long and need help. The other posts I found here related to this topic just didn’t work for me, I guess.


    You’ll see I’ve created and added PayPal Add To Cart buttons for each greeting card on my site, but the button graphics/function of them are not working. What I’m doing wrong, how do I fix this?

    Also on the right-side widget column, I created and added a Constant Contact ‘Join Mailing List’ button, but it’s also not showing up right. It seems I have everything looking correct until I copy/paste the code into WP.

    Any ideas? Fyi, I’m not a programmer so I might need some spelling out here. :) Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The paypal “add to cart” buttons I don’t think will work here since they contain javascript, and javascript is not allowed here due to security concerns: .

    If you want to paste the code here in the forums between backticks we can check it.



    Add to Cart buttons and Constant Contact signup forms do not work here; they contain script which is stripped out for security reasons. You can get a totally basic Donate button from Paypal and install it, but you can’t use the encrypted form.
    If Add to Cart and forms are requirements for you, you will have to move your blog to an external host, install software from, and run it there. Then the security risks won’t apply. But then you are on your own for tech support.

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