Paypal donate button or link in blog?

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    I can’t afford to upgrade to customize every single detail, so I am thinking there might be no hope for me. Here is my dilemma:

    I want to give my followers and readers the option to donate through paypal, however I don’t know where to put the code for a button or link so that it will be on my blog page and not in a post. I would prefer it be on the sider bar. I figured I could put it in the “text” widget, but the button doesn’t show up if I put the code there and the link is really big and really ugly. Is this even possible to do without upgrading?


    I had the same problem. I finally put my PayPal button in a sticky post under my header on the front page, because when I tried to put it in a text widget on the sidebar, either the button showed both under the header and in the text widget, or the button showed under the header and the code showed in the widget at the same time. I’m a beginner, so my answer may not help you, but maybe you should make sure you’re not replacing any of your main essential widgets in your theme with a text widget, and be sure you have enough actual menu space in the sidebar for the text widget. This is the only thing I can thing of, though that may not be the answer. As I said, I gave up, and just left the big, ugly, PayPal donation button where it was, in a sticky post under the header. Good luck! (Maybe you can think of a way around this stuff).

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