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    I’ve found the instructions for adding a Paypal “Donate” button to my blog. But what if it’s not a donation? More specifically, am I allowed to sell items that I made on my blog using a Paypal link?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Please post a link to your blog, starting with http://

    Assuming you have a wp.COM blog, and not a wp.ORG blog:
    The only Paypal button we can use is the Donate button.
    Lots of people use a link to their Etsy shop.



    My blog is

    So can I use the “Donate” button, and then have the money go into my bank account? Or does the “Donate” button mean the money is supposed to be used for nonprofit purposes?

    Etsy is a great option for the handmade items that I am selling, and I’ll probably end up adding a link to my Etsy shop onto my blog. But I’m also looking for other options because I have a few products that are a tad more commercialized and not really appropriate for Etsy (for example, I own a tiny commercial kitchen and we are bottling our own condiments). I’ll probably end up with a separate, hosted website but that feels like a big undertaking.



    Thank you for the question I would like to know the answer also. :)


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    The money goes in to your bank account. I don’t believe you must use it for only a recognized nonprofit. I’ve seen lots of blogs that aren’t selling or especially supporting anything using the donate button.

    I work for a nonprofit and there was some paperwork involved with proving our 501C3 status, but as I recall the issue came up only for tax purposes—it’s been a few years and my memory is not clear.

    You might find this article useful:

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