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paypal payment

  1. I wanted to buy the Custom Design upgrade ($30,00) and I chose to pay with my paypal account but, when it comes to payment details and I logged to my paypal, I was asked a credit card number. I don't want to pay with a cc but with paypal, what's the problem?
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  2. You'd have to ask PP. They require a CC from members in some countries, but not all.

  3. Could you please try again, and make sure that you have sufficient balance in PayPal to cover the cost of the upgrade.

  4. Yes of course I have enough balance......

  5. I'm sorry about this. Could you please make sure that you select "PayPal" as the payment option. Once prompted, log into PayPal and click on "Payment Options" to select PayPal balance (if you have more than one PayPal account, you might need to verify that you are using the account that has the balance to cover the cost of the upgrade).

  6. latinosenbelgica

    I have the same problem. What's the matter with Paypal ? ? I'm living in Belgium, Europe.

  7. Sorry about that. Could you please try the steps outlined above, and make sure you select PayPal balance as the payment option?

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