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Paypal requires credit card!

  1. Hi

    I have payd last year without problems per paypal. And at many other websites too. Now, when i was directed to the paypal site, because i want renew my 10 GB abo, there are required unexpectedly the informations of a credit card. But i never had one and last year, the payment works without too! So i cant pay. But i want renew my abo! Dont say me now, that i must get extra a credit card only for renew my abo! And now, how proceed???


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  2. I haven't encountered that. For some purchases, Paypal does require a credit card to be associated with it, but not for upgrades as far as I am aware. You could always buy a pre-paid credit card for about $25 and use that number. It still counts.

  3. I dont wanna buy a credit card! I works very well the other ones - without credit card! Why i am forced to buy now one? I dont wanna it! I want only pay with Paypal.

  4. No solution?

    I can not believe that trying to force me to purchase a credit card ... I have a Paypal account

      and i have already paid more than once with it to
  5. Only staff can give the definitive answer. I've flagged this for their attention. I haven't got a credit card either, and don't want one. Nobody who supports Wikileaks will deal with Visa or Mastercard.

  6. If you have balance in your PayPal account, and you are logged in to PayPal, you can pay with that.

  7. No! You dont listen to me...

    I have enough balance on my Paypal account, but when i go to my dashboard - upgrades - paypal - klick on button buy
    i'm directed to the paypal site, where first i must login. When i do that, appears the message:
    "To complete the payment with, please add a new credit card." and "Link a new debit or credit card to make an instant payment". Without creditcard informations, i can't do the payment. It dosen't works!!!

    I'm not stupid or unskilled with using Paypal, it just dosent works!

  8. Hm, it's definitely working for me. You might want to make sure that PayPal hasn't put any holds on your account.

  9. Thank you. Slowly i'm believing, that it's really a problem of Paypal, not of

    So, i contacted Paypal. But they tell me a few possible reasons for this problem, but they are all not the case, definitly not!! And Paypal insists on this two options: informations of a credit card - or - informations of a bank account.
    I tell them, that i i never had a credit card, nor that i never telled them my bank account details nor that i would do so. I write them again. No response. I feel totally ripped from Paypal.

    So, i know another possible way. In the past i have manually transferred money from Paypal to some recipient, by enter a e-mail-adress from the recipient and the amount in the transaction form.
    So my question:
    Can i send the amount of 50 $ for 10GB + No Ads in this way???


  10. I contacted Paypal again, per e-mail and now i phoned longer with the support of Paypal. They tell me definitly: Because of the automated security system of Paypal in the background this transaction is definitly NOT possible in the usual manner (even though it worked last year), and without the fault is mine.

    But there's two other opitons, that possibly are working:
    1. send me a request for the specific amount (50$ for 10GB and No Ads)
    2. I send the money manually via Paypal, if i have the required informations.


  11. :(((((((((((

  12. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention. There is currently a widespread issue affecting many bloggers so please be patient while waiting for a Staff response.

  13. Do they mean that specifically your account can't pay?

  14. They tell me, that it's not possible, that i do the transfer in the same way like last year, but: not because i have done something wrong, but because the automated security system of Paypal in the background do so. They tell me only that: it's not my default, but something of the automated security system! And the reasons for this vexatious behavior, that not only me but many people are concerned from time to time, which wanted pay with Paypal, were very, very vague, but clearly: not my default and that i can not pay in this case in the usual manner. If You google a little bit ("Paypal verlangt plötzlich Kreditkarte") You will find a lot of other People with the same problem, and that since years. It's some shit of Paypal, not from me, and maybe work some of the other two ways, that i proposed.

    Can i pay this way? I would be really happy, if makes this possible and if it works and if i can finnish this problem.

  15. Is there coming some answer resp. a solution? I've been really waiting patiently, but since the last answer 10 days are elapsed and one of my two upgrades expires on 2. Aug., the other shortly after.

  16. Hi

    - There's enough balance on my Paypal Account.
    - I logged in my Paypal Account. There's no holds on it.
    - I dont knwo, if others have this problem too, the support on Paypal only told me: it's not my fault, it's the automatic security system, and that i nothing can do, but that maybe it works, when i manually send the money by Paypal. But if you google a little bit, you will find a lot of similar cases, where people with a Paypal Account suddenly are asked for informations of a credit card - without have any problems before.


  17. The only thing i need to solve this problem is the confirmation, that i can pay via Paypal by enter by hand the e-mail-adress, where i can send the money and maybe by write a message with this for what the money is. Accept this way? Can i send the money to [email redacted] (this e-mail-adress stands below the last transaction from 6.6.20122 in my Paypal account). ???


  18. Unfortunately, no. We can only accept funds directly via PayPal for specific circumstances, not general upgrades.

    Is PayPal definitely refusing to resolve this for you?

  19. Look below, what they have written me, today (i'm sorry, it's in german).
    They tell me, that for a subscription i allways need a creditcard. But that's definitly not true (i disabled the automatic renew): it works fine last year (without credit card).

    I'm sorry to bother the support with this again. I'm definitely at the end of my knowledge, and, after umpteen mails at Paypal and long discussion here, it seems, that i can do absolutly nothing, except the way, i ask wordpress for.

    Paypal definitly refuse to resolve this. They insist on a credit card. :(
    Absolutly no solution, no exception, never ever ...?


    Als erstes entschuldige ich mich für die falschen Informationen meiner Kollegen.

    Ich habe unser System geprüft und es liegt nicht an Ihrem PayPal-Konto.

    Da Sie direkt nach einer Kreditkarte bei dieser Zahlung gefragt werden, Sie aber noch genug Guthaben bei uns besitzen, kann es sich nur um ein Abo handeln.

    Für Abonnements benötigen Sie immer zum Einleiten eine hinterlegte Kreditkarte. Anschließend können Sie einfach die Kreditkarte wieder entfernen und es wird Ihr PayPal-Guthaben für das Abo verwendet.

    Ich bitte Sie aus diesem Grund beim Einleiten Ihres Kaufes zu kontrollieren, ob Sie einem Abo zustimmen oder Ihr Einkauf direkt ein Abo ist.

    Tommy Wiese


  20. Ok, I'm going to send an email to the address on your account, and we'll continue there.

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