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PayPal transactions

  1. How long does it typically take to process these? I've been waiting for what seems way too long.

  2. Depends. What is Paypal tell you? Also how long has it been?

    Feel free to send in a feedback with specifics. It may have been something that got lost.

  3. PayPal still says "uncleared"...

    Original Transaction

    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Apr. 4, 2007 Payment To Automattic Inc. Uncleared ... -$15.00 USD

  4. more: Expected Clearing Date: Apr. 10, 2007

    6 days to clear?!

  5. It can be a while, if the money was transfered to your Paypal account before you made the transaction it would pretty much half the clearing time. I found that out when buying something from Ebay....the best way is to be organized lol. At least with Paypal BOTH parties see the status, and know what stage it's at.....Paypal is a trusted middle man.

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