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pdf icons on published page multiplying - how do I stop this?

  1. Every time I insert a pdf file into a page it stars off with just a text link. Then every time I reload the page (I think this is the trigger) I see more and more pdf icons alongside the link. I have tried this in different browsers.

    Is this something actually on the page or do I need to clear my cache to make them go away? Is there a way to insert links to uploaded media to stop this happening?


    If you can't see them then I guess it must be to do with my cache but would still like to know if there is anything I can do to avoid this effect.

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm seeing this in the code. This means there are actually three favicon.ico images in your post.

    <img src="" alt="" /><img src="" alt="" /><img src="" alt="" />

    You should be able to delete 2 of them and save it.

    If it keeps happening, could you describe the exact steps you used to enter this image into your post, and how they are duplicated?

    - How did you insert the image? From the media uploader Image URL?
    - Did you reload the edit post page after you save it? Or did you reload the published page?

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