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PDF link on image within Widget

  1. I am trying to display a small image in my side widget area that is also a link to the PDF. I have the image there, just cannot get the link part to work. I figured maybe the link to an image upload was the problem so i created a new page and still couldnt get that linking to work. Thanks for you help in advance.

    <img src="" width=150 height=150>

  2. It doesn't work to post code here unless you post it between Code tags, so use the button just above the Write box.

    The PDF has to be uploaded first. Use your regular media uploader. Copy the URL of the FILE, the uploaded PDF, then go to your widget code, put in the image, and link it to the PDF's URL.

    If you're not used to code, this is easiest to do as a draft Post. Put the image in, write whatever text you want, centre or align it as you wish, and then click on the image and add a Link to the PDF. Then click the HTML tab, copy all the code, and stick that in your text widget.

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