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PDF not showing up on site

  1. latchanakenney

    U have inserted a link to a pdf through the adding media feature on WordPress. When I click on the link, the pdf file name is at the top, but the page is blank. How can I get my pdf to show up? This is the page where the link (National Geographic: Big Cat Costumes) is located:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The top link - big Cat Costumes downloaded and opened fine for me. I there another file you are having problems with?

  3. latchanakenney

    that is the the pdf, but it does not open for me

  4. -Link works for me Firefox 7.01 with foxit plug in

    It could be your browser

    Are you able to open other PDF documents on the Web?

    you could Google "randomkeyword PDF" to find a document to test in your browser.

  5. latchanakenney

    it is now working, thank you for your help,


  6. Your file was rather large, so maybe you had a connection problem.

    Do you know you can embed the PDFs in your blog instead of linking to them? See here:

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