Pdf option similar to Wikepedia – can there be one?

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    In a different forum topic, a blogger said one of his main reasons for blogging is to make his photography available as a legacy for his children. That got me thinking – I’ve long realized I’d be pleased for what I post to be available to children, family members, or others who’re not on internet, or who might want ‘hard copy’ of some of it.

    Wikipedia has a feature that lets users create PDFs of articles, including combining articles to create a ‘book’ style pdf. (I’ve used the article-to-pdf often, have never tried the ‘book’ option.)

    I’ve been almost embarrassed so far that I’m not buying anything from WordPress! One reason is a super-tight budget, another is that I’m really not a ‘bells and whistles’ person. I love features that fit my needs, tend to not part with cash for features that don’t.

    I wonder if WP can incorporate a PDF potential, similar to Wikipedia’s, into our options?

    I certainly might cough up a few dollars to be able to create a pdf of my blog site, or portions of it – just imagining it is great!

    Thanks for opportunity to post a suggestion!

    The blog I need help with is thoughtsfromthewell.wordpress.com.



    Here is one way you can have a pdf file made of your blog, there are other services that will do the same thing – this one is endorsed by WordPress.COM


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