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pdf problems

  1. Hello,

    I've had some PDFs at this site for about a year, and now they don't open. I've tried opening them in both Firefox and Safari, and all I get is a blank page. They opened just fine about one or two months ago.

    Here is the page I have been working with:

    I made an image thumbnail for each PDF, and then set the image to link to the PDF in the media library. Clicking on the thumbnail used to automatically open the PDF, now it loads a blank page. I discovered this while trying to add a similar page to a different blog, , and thought it was a problem with the theme, but now I see it's happening on all my blogs.

    Any help is much appreciated!!

    p.s. I know I can embed the PDFs using scribd and other things, but to make a long story short, that's not the best solution for me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I hate to bring bad news to you but opened fine for me in FF 17 when I clicked on the image - the image on the far right also gave me a pdf file in my browser and the center top image gave me a document saved to my PC when I did a save link as -

    You probably have some sort of browser issue or PC issue - but I have no suggestions where to look - maybe others will have some ideas

  3. well that's not really horrible news... if it's my computer or browser, I can fix it. If it works in my students' computers, then hooray! Thanks for checking into it Auxclass.

  4. You be welcome & good luck

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