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pdf/document problems

  1. So none of the pdf's that I've loaded onto my blog are showing up when they are clicked on. it just goes all white. I checked and made sure that media file was selected and its in my library but they're not showing up to be seen and looked thorugh.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For starters we need a link to the Post or whatever so someone can look at your blog the links, see what file the set etc.

  3. @dcreates01 - when I downloaded the magazine inside Firefox browser I could see what looked like a good magazine but there was an error message - - when I downloaded all the files to my PC and opened them with Acrobat Reader there was no indication of error and they looked fine

    @tcar2000 - downloaded the files to my PC - then opened with Acrobat Reader and was able to learn a bit about the flue and take a couple of quiz questions - same with the other file

  4. Thanks for checking.

    It used to be possible for people to click on and view the pdf in their web browser, without downloading the file. Any idea why that has changed? I would prefer it if people didn't have to download the file.

  5. View or download depends on the browser, not on WP.

  6. I see--thank you.

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  8. thanks. weird, its still doesn't show up on my laptop but I click on the link here at school and it comes up to download. So it must be some setting on my computer.

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