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    I’ve just created my blog – http://m2b8.wordpress.com – and have added a couple of test entries in order to check the way iTunes and feed readers handles the enclosures. I have done one each for Audio, Video and Document and linked an mp3, 3gp and PDF from the respective post. I am hosting the media on a .Mac account.

    Audio is perfect, I suspect video would work if I used a different format (this one was recorded on my phone) but the PDF does not show-up on the feed or on iTunes. On the feed the video and PDF posts show as links rather than enclosures and in iTunes only the audio is represented.

    Is there an easy/automatic way to ensure that the media is represented in the feed as an enclosure?

    I understand that this means that if I link to a PDF or other media on someone else’s blog or site then I would have to use the traditional link, so as not to accidentally steal their bandwidth and claim the media as my own.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



    I am not sure about this one. I don’t think that it has come up before and since no one has answered you yet, I would suggest dropping a line to the Staff through:

    1) Support tab in this forum
    2) email support at wordpress dot com
    3) Send in a feedback through your admin





    Thanks Trent, Will do.



    Now there’s a new one… :)



    Only audio and video files are included in feeds as enclosures.

    We’ve fixed handling of .m4a files hosted by wordpress.com so they’re correctly included as feed enclosures now. The change applies only to new posts.

    .m4a files hosted on other servers may or may not work, depending on the Content-Type header returned by that server. Many servers return an incorrect type for m4a files.



    Thanks for the update tellyworth! Just need them to change your status to STAFF and the beautiful pink highlighting of your threads will fit right in! :)


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