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PDFs no longer working

  1. Hi,

    I am completing a major project and I had about 25 pdf files linked to my blog. Until one hour ago, they were opening normally.
    Problem:I viewed my pages and my pdf files now open to a blank page/tab!
    For example:
    The pdf file address has not changed, but instead of my document I see a white webpage.

    This is a nightmare b/c uploading and linking the files took ages. My project is due soon and I don't want to replace all of my documents at the last minute.

    Please help! EG

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nothing wrong with your pdfs on my's your browser, or rather the pdf-plugin in your browser. Try right-click and SaveAs and open in Adobe Reader or whatever you are using for displaying pdfs.

  3. Url of your PDF file works fine for me. I can see the content of PDF file.

  4. Thanks husdal and jonatan0!

    I cleared my cache, shutdown and re-started FireFox after reading your feedback. Everything is working fine now. Whew! Cheers for the help. EG

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