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    In an Associate Press study, ONE IN FOUR adults in America did not read a single book in 2007.


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  2. I just finished reading "Living Dead in Dallas" by Charlaine Harris. I find he Sookie Stackhouse books to be a real kick! Are they classic literature destined to be part of the approved cannon of late 20th/early 21st century literature? HARDLY. But they are fun, and sometimes that's what I'm after.

    At present, I'm reading several books - I rarely have only one going at a time since graduating with a BA in English in 1996 - but the one that has most of my attention at the moment is "How To Get Rich" by Felix Dennis. Mr. Dennis is one of the UK's richest entrepreneurs, and he came from no money and no title - just like me. So far it's an informative and entertaining read and I would recommend it to anyone who's not rich but would like to be.

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