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    Since yesterday, when I leave a comment to a friend’s blog 1) I won’t see “pending comment” and 2) If it’s approved I can’t see my comment at all, although I can see other people’s comments on the blog. Help?

    The blog I need help with is


    I do not know for sure, but wonder if your comments are being held as spam for that blog. I had that happen to my comments. I had commented fine on a blog, but then suddenly I no longer saw my comments on the My Comments page from the Dashboard, nor was I getting any notifications for replies. My friend received so many spam comments, that she doesn’t try to find real ones in there.

    What I did to get around this, was when I filled out the form, I logged out of wordpress, typed my same user name, but used a different email address, even put in my blog address and it’s been fine since. (This will only work, if the blog owner does not require the commenter to be a registered user.) I just have to remember to log out of wordpress. It isn’t the best solution and I never receive notifications of replies, but it gets my comments on there.

    I hope this helps, if not, maybe someone else has another suggestion. :)


    Since yesterday, when I leave a comment to a friend’s blog

    It’s good news that the blog in question belongs to a friend as you can email her and ask her to check her spam filter.

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