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Pending comments and spam

  1. What has happened to the dashboard?

    I can't see the comments waiting for moderation, or spam any more.

    Have I inadvertently changed a setting? How do I get them back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your dashboard has been "upgraded" you did nothing wrong

  3. So how can I "downgrade" it?

    The only thing I used the dashboard for was approving pending comments (or marking them as spam), and deleting spam (or, very rarely, marking it as "not spam").

  4. It looks like "Right now" was restored. Look at the most recent posts in the link auxclass gave you.

  5. Yes, the problem has indeed been fixed.

    I looked at my Dashboard this morning and was at last able to deal with the queue of pending comments.

    I hope the commenters haven't given up!

  6. For future reference, you can also manage comments by clicking on Comments on the left (from your dashboard).

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