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pending review notification in new dashboard

  1. i cant find the notification of "pending review" posts in new wordpress dashboard.but in the previous version of dashboard it was shown in the "right now" section. It was very much helpful for some one like me who run a multi user blog including lots of contributors.

    so any idea how can i get notified of posts which are in pending review right in my dashboard ??

    thnx in advance.

  2. this is weird, I set a blog post to pending review to see what your talking about and it doesn't appear on the dashboard, maybe they should reconsider that. Anyways, until then I guess you just have to go under edit and find your pending review posts there.

  3. ya offcourse they should. without these life gonna tougher for multi user blog admins :(

  4. i clicked on it and my message turned away!

  5. In the meantime, please notify staff via the Help-> Support button on your Dashboard. They can't fix bugs they don't know about.

  6. I notified the staff as suggested above, and got a reply "Thanks for your suggestion. I have added this to our user suggestion list which is reviewed on a regular basis."

    Here's hoping they implement a 'Pending Review' Dashboard home page module before my contributors get too pissed off at me!

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