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People can't access my blog in China

  1. I have podcast on wordpress as
    some of my friends are from China and i have sent them my url. However, they couldn't open my blog. They also tried to search through google but url didn't open. Can anyone explain this for me?

  2. hav u heard abt "The Great Firewall of China"?

  3. We've had a couple of previous threads on this which you may find helpful: Now Blocked in China
    My husband is living in China and cannot open my blog

  4. I got it..I haven't had any idea that China has blocked wordpress and other blogs...that's surprising to me..

  5. Can they still go to maybe Bloglines and register to your RSS feed and read your site that way? Not sure though.

  6. China's very, very anti-blog. I would not expect this to change soon, although if you check a few places on the net there are any number of workarounds.

  7. Can you pull a podcast via Bloglines? Be cool if you could.

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