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People entering offensive search terms and ending up in my stats page

  1. Someone or groups of people is/are doing offensive searches that leads to my blogpost which celebrates Females in Indian Cinema (I.e. they're looking for rape/porn scenes). It offends me but I cannot stop it - is this a common complaint and can the person be blocked/stopped? Many thanks, Selina Ditta (

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, there is no way to stop someone from Googling something and opening your site if it is listed in the Google search result.

    There is no way (none that I know of) to "un-list" your site from Google's search result for certain keywords as well.

    If you've googled for anything, you should know that sometimes Google return a result that's irrelevant to what you're searching for. This is what happening in your case. Not your fault at all, that's just how Google works.

    P.S: I'm saying "Google" but this applies to other search engines as well.

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