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People having issues commenting

  1. I have had lots of friends/readers email me to say they couldn't comment on the blog because wordpress was asking them to login (and I re-checked my settings, and it's not a requirement in order to comment). The ones having issues, don't even have a wordpress account, so they couldn't login, and therefore couldn't comment.

    This has been going on for a few days, but I'm still getting messages with issues. Since I have on my settings that anyone with a email/name (my only two requirements) can comment, is there anyway that wordpress can STOP forcing people to login (specially when there's no account to log in to?). This is definitely a new issue, and it's getting quite frustrating -- soon enough non-wordpress users will stop commenting altogether, which is NOT what I want to happen.

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  2. If a user tried to comment with an email address linked to a or Gravatar account, they will need to log in first. and Gravatar use the same accounts, so if they did not sign up for, they may have signed up for Gravatar in the past. They can check with the Forgot Password link at either site.

  3. I personally don't care if they're logged in to comment on MY blog -- why is that you're forcing people to login. Lots of them are having issues, people are commenting less, and I don't care if they have a gravatar or wordpress account or not (some claim they have neither and are still having problems). There are people with defunct blogs too that don't want to link to them.

    Can it just be as it used to be when we ENCOURAGE comments as opposed to DISCOURAGE them? Allow us to set that on our personal settings (I already have unchecked that there is no need for them to login, so why is wordpress overwriting my own preferences for my own blog comments??).

  4. Unfortunately, this is a site-wide comment policy change, and it doesn't look like it will be reversed any time soon.

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