People having trouble commenting on my blog

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    I have my “Discussion” settings set so that people are *not* required to be logged in or give an e-mail address to comment. However, a lot of people in the past week have told me that they’re having trouble commenting on my blog because it requires a login. How can I correct this problem?

    I have also heard from people who have hit “submit” on a comment and had the comment vanish. I checked my spam filter but the missing comments aren’t there.

    The blog I need help with is



    hello there,
    Staff have made changes to the commenting system. You can read about them here >

    There are also some additional details re: the recent update to commenting available at


    That’s useful, but one of the people who’s having trouble commenting is trying to use an e-mail address that isn’t associated with any WordPress account. I can’t understand why it’s demanding she log in.


    I’m also now hearing that people who *do* have WordPress/Gravatar accounts keep getting the message “password incorrect” when they’re sure the PW is right.

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