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    I recently moved my blog ( to a self-hosted site (

    I have a site re-direct in place and a staff member transferred my followers to my new site. However, people still seem to be able to follow my old blog, despite when clicking on the homepage or any post links being re-directed to the new one. I’m just wondering how this is possible? Is there a setting I should have changed to prevent this?

    The email I receive when someone follows says they are following my old site name, but the new URL (the site I have re-directed to). However, when I receive these notifications the number of blog followers I see within the dashboard doesn’t increase. It only increases when the email I receive says they have followed my new site name and new URL. I’m assuming these people have come direct to the new site and entered their email address there.

    I’m worried that people who have been able to follow the old site somehow don’t end up receiving new posts generated from the new site.

    If anyone could shed any light on this for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.



    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll tag this for staff attention so that they can look into it for you.


    Thank you so much! Really appreciate your quick response!


    You are welcome and hopefully staff will respond soon.



    They can still follow the old blog directly from the Reader. You might want to make it Private via Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Hi macmanx,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Gotcha! Would it be possible for those who have followed since the last time a staff member transferred my followers, to be transferred over also?



    Yes, I have transferred the new subscribers.


    Thank you so much!

    If I end up deleting my blog, will I still be able to connect my account with my blog and access the Jetpack features? The transferred followers from the old blog will remain on the new one, is that right?



    Yes, deleting the blog only removes the blog, not your account, so you’ll still be connect via Jetpack.


    Thank you very much. I haven’t deleted the blog yet because I am having issues with the images being seen.

    When I set the blog to private, it seems that any images I originally uploaded to the media library there cannot be viewed within imported posts on, despite having imported all media/attachments and being able to see them all within the media library on

    I researched this problem, and someone said that this is due to the images being “unattached” to posts on the new site. This was indeed the case and I started attaching them. However, when I set the blog back to private to prevent people from “following” the old blog, these images still can’t be seen. It seems they are still hosted by

    How can I resolve this issue? I currently have a site-redirect in place. I’d like to cancel this and eventually just delete the old blog to avoid duplicate content.

    Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,




    In this case, you’ll need to re-upload the missing images, as the importer can only import attached images.


    I was afraid you were going to say that! I have started re-uploading the images and they can be seen fine.

    But I have now noticed another problem, and that is that although all my posts from have been imported to the new blog and can be seen with my new URL, when you navigate the site by clicking through the “Previous story” and “Next story” options after the post (as part of my theme), if the post was originally uploaded to the old blog, it takes you there, rather than the equivalent post on the new blog. Will deleting the old blog fix this problem? Or do you know of another solution to this problem?

    Many thanks in advance,




    I think clearing your browser’s cache should take care of that:


    Thank you for your quick response. I have cleared the cache but it hasn’t had any impact on this issue.

    I have been hesitant to delete the old blog as having it visible means I can see the images within posts on the new blog and this has been helping with knowing which images were where when I’m re-uploading. However, once that process is finished, there will be no reason to keep it. I’m wondering if deleting the old blog will fix these links and direct people to the new posts? I currently have the blog set to private though and when I click through to “next” or “previous”, it just takes me to a “protected blog” page and prompts me to log-in so I’m a bit dubious as it whether that would magically fix things. Is there a manual way to fix it if it doesn’t?

    Thanks so much once again.


    I just did a quick test. I deleted one of the posts on the old blog to see if when I clicked through to it on the new one it would take me to the equivalent of the post, but it didn’t. It just took me to 404 error page on the old blog. I guess that answers the question of whether deleting the old blog would make a difference.

    I know that uploading an old post as a new post and backdating it to the original posting date works, as I did do a completely fresh upload of a few of my original posts from an even older blog, and they seem to be linking together fine. I guess as long as you date it correctly it will display in its original sequence. However, it then defeats the purpose of importing all of the old posts, and I have almost 200 with a lot of images.

    Do you have any other suggestions of things I could try before I start the long process of re-uploading all the posts?

    Many thanks.



    I still feel like something is stuck in your cache somewhere.

    If I go to I see this:

    The Previous Story link takes me to where I see this:

    Neither of these are your blog, they’re all your self-hosted blog.


    Yes, they are recent posts that were uploaded directly to the new self-hosted blog. I have actually been blogging on the new site for a few months and there is nothing wrong with those posts with images or linking, and that’s why I didn’t notice this issue until now.

    The issue comes when you go further back to posts that were originally uploaded to the blog and have been imported. The first post I uploaded to the new blog was this one:

    If I click on the previous story, it takes me to a 404 error on the old blog (it’s coming up as a 404 as this is the one I deleted on the old blog earlier today as it test. Otherwise it was coming up with the actual post on the old blog).

    This is the case with anything uploaded previously except for the first handful posts I ever posted on an even older blog which I just uploaded manually when I started this self-hosted blog. I didn’t realize that all the other posts in between that I uploaded on were not linking.

    Every single one of the old posts exist on the new blog. I can reach them directly by clicking on or typing in the link or by Google search. They display fine, it’s only if I click the “next story” or “previous story” that there is a problem.

    As an example, I can search for my post on alligators in the Amazon (which was originally uploaded to the old blog) and be brought to the correct link But once I hit “next” or “previous” I’m brought to posts on the old blog.

    So basically something is preventing/has prevented the new blog from recognizing it should link to the new URLs rather than the old ones. Is there a way to override this somehow?



    Oh, how interesting. The links are going to, not your current domain.

    At this point, it’s not something that we have control over.

    Your best bet would be to also point to your hosting provider by changing your name servers:

    Then, work out a redirect method with your hosting provider.

    There may be a way to correct the existing links, I feel like something may be off in the theme itself, but as the blog is now out of our control, I recommend asking at


    OK, thank you. Yes, something must be off somewhere. I wonder if whatever it is is also the reason the photos are still “hosted” by the old blog too.

    If I find a solution, I’ll report back here.

    Many thanks for all your help.



    You’re welcome!

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