People Subsribing me against my will

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    OK, I know I should expect the attention. I have a large blog. That being said, how can I stop these new emails (started last night) of people “subscribing me” against my will? I get flooded with these emails from “[subscribe] Confirm Subscription ____” when I have not subscribed to their site. It is obviously a spammer, but I cannot block the emails because they come from”wordpress” and show as legit. Any options?


    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL of the blog that is sending you these subscriptions?


    [Subscribe​] Confirmed Subscripti​on to Posts on Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything
    Subscribe​] Confirmed Subscripti​on to Posts on Papa Angst!

    examples of what I am getting. Here are some of the sites connected.

    I have over 100 in 24 hours… it started last night.



    That’s bizarre, and should not be possible. Are you the ONLY person who has access to your account?


    YES. This is my only website, only blog, I own it and I run it. It is very secure… I think.


    I have a long list of them… it is as if someone is manually putting in my email into a subscribe bar and I get an email saying “you are subscribed.”

    I then have to not only delete the emails, a lot of them, but I also have to unsubscribe from each of them.


    I have a large following… if this just comes with the territory so be it. But I find it frustrating that someone can “auto sign me up” every day



    I think it must be done manually. FYI since you started this thread and I started answering it, someone has reported your blog and you’ve been set as Mature. I think you DO have a stalker.


    Oh well, they can kiss off. Thanks for your help.. I will just keep doing what I am doing. Doesn’t seem to be anything I can do.


    My content is not for kids… but I rarely curse. This is crazy how people can just go around affecting your hobby. Can nothing be done????



    Yes, something can be done. I had the same thing happen to me. I’ll flag this for staff attention and they can sort it for you.


    I appreciate not only your speedy replies but you taking the time to actually care. Thank you… that is nice to see.



    No worries. I see your blog is already un-Adulted (your name once again links to the blog, that was the clue). Hopefully the rest can be acted on.


    That was quick WOW! Thank you! I know people throw “thank yous” around, but I mean it.



    Must be on a cycle. Just got a brand new string of them, 14 at once. Must be a really nice code!


    ok… more than 14 :( Maybe I can block them one at a time… not sure how I would do that maybe gmail can. I will wait and see if an admin/WP staff member might be able to help me figure out a way to end this attack.


    Ok, I don’t know if this matters but I wanted to add some info.

    I just got over 40 at a time, but they came in waves. I think someone IS manually putting my email in. I didn’t know that was a spam tactic, but apparently it is.



    It’s not spam, it’s harassment.


    I see. [bangs head on desk] I will have to determine if this battle is even worth the time…. this is a hobby not my job so… ya



    Not sure if I am reading it right, but shouldn’t it be, like, AN opinionated man? I know this is not the right forum, but the grammar nazi in me just kicked up a bit. I hope your problem gets solved though. AND congrats on getting nearly 10k followers in such a short time. Bests!

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