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Performancing & accessing Multiple Blogs

  1. I'm unable to see my additional blogs in Performancing. It just shows my first blog. Should i reintall it?

  2. I think you will have to setup each one of your blogs separately in Performancing if you haven't done so already ('Blogs' tab, then 'Add').

    They will then show in the 'Blogs' tab, and you can chose which one to publich to.

    Hope this helps.

  3. hi!

    that's what i tried but only one blog is listed. the new ones do not appear for me to add. i did the same in blogger and all the blogs get listed and i can add them one by one. there seems to be some problem here. tks for your help.

  4. Hmmm... might be worth taking it to the Performancing guys as a bug. They may not be expecting multiple blogs for the same user, as it is a new feature...

    This is the place to report it:

  5. tks for looking in oclcyc. i've posted the problem in performancing but have yet to receive a reply. wanted to check at both ends re where the problem lies.

  6. pascalvanhecke has a solution for getting all your blogs listed. i now have all my blogs listed for posting using performancing on firefox. check out the solution at

  7. Had a problem with adding a couple of Word Press Blogs to Performancining. That previous post worked out wonderfully, thanks.

  8. didnt notice your reply tg3793. thanks. came back here again for the link to install performancing on another machine :D

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