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  1. Right now I have a link to my forum from my site or blog.........can I set up the permalink so that when someone clicks my "forum" page, they can be directed right to my forum.........can this be done?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It appears you have a tab in your navigation for "public forum". Is that the one you are talking about? If so, the link you have is messed up. Here is what it is now.
    I'm assuming what you wanted it to be was

  3. Actually I should have looked closer. That link is still messed up. You need to verify the link and get the correct one. Neither of the above are valid links.

  4. when you hit the page or tab at the top of my blog "public forums" there is a link that comes up that you click. The link does indeed work, and it goes to the forum. I wanted to have people click the top page or tab and be able to go directly to the forum without having to click the link.

  5. this is the link to the forum and it works when you click "forums" (in red) on the page.

  6. This is the form that links take:
    'Public Forums`

  7. I give up - sorry!

  8. <a href="">Public Forums</a>

  9. Redoable lite supports custom menus, which means you can create a custom menu and use the custom link feature to create a tab linked to your forum.

  10. @TSP
    Is that laughter I hear, prompted by my stupid mistakes above? ;)

  11. Thanks people, while I was waiting to hear some ideas I did indeed use the custom menu and figured out a way to do what I wanted.

    a little patience and thinking things through, I think I have it now.

    thanks again and don't worry timethief, its all good!

    Cheers and have a great Christmas!

  12. Nope TT, no laughter from me.

    Happy Holidays to you as well devildog.

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