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    It looks like everytime I copy a permalink of one of my posts, the name of the post gets duplicated, making the URL copied into the clipboard an invalid one. For example,

    If correct permalink to my post “Your life in six words?” is

    But when I go to manage files and copy the permalink from there, the following gets copied into the clipboard:

    Looks like I’ve been sending people incorrect links to blog posts.



    Where are you copying the permalink from, Dashboard>Manage>Posts>Status?



    Hi justjennifer,

    Yes, from Dashboard>Manage>Posts>Status. The same bug seems to exist while I’m drafting a post as well, from Dashboard>Write>Post.


    Well, that’s the editor page: the permalink is given there to enable you to modify its editable part, and the bug you describe obviously has to do with this function. I don’t see why you’d want to copy your URLs from there instead of the address bar of your browser. If you wanted to copy some text from one of your posts in order to paste it in an e-mail, would you copy it from the editor or from the actual blog page?


    Plus there’s also a faster way of copying URLs: drag-and-drop the title of the post.



    Yes panaghiotisadam, one would normally just copy the permalink from the browser. But it’s often not an option for me because I tend to schedule posts, so they have not yet been published when I want to copy a URL. And due to the nature of my blog it’s actually easier to find posts from the Dashboard than negotiate the Hemmingway theme I use.



    I know this problem – you need to be vigilant.

    Also note that if you are using scheduled posting you face an additional permalink problem:
    If you schedule a post for tomorrow (or any other day which is not today) you might copy a permalink with the wrong date from the editor! This is also something you should look for.



    Even if you schedule a post, the preview URL will have the correct date on it. That is, unless you at some point before the publishing date decide to change the schedule.



    I think this is the important bit: “*Note: The permalink or post slug will update according to what you set in the status when the post gets published.”



    I’m seeing that it’s a known bug, but nobody said “we’re working to fix it” Can anyone confirm that it is on the “to be fixed” list?

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