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Permalink change to https?

  1. Is it possible to change the prefix of our Permalink: http:// to https://

    We were able to change our default to

    However, now we receive the message that the internet browsser has blocked the website from displaying content with security certificate errors. If we do NOT press the show content then we cannot click on any of the hyperlinks I have included in our blog. If we DO press the show content, the blog becomes "http" again instead of "https" when we have clicked on one of the hyperlinks.

    How do we get the entire blog to have a prefixed permalink of https instead of http?
    Blog url:

  2. That's actually quite normal. Rather, it's a misguided warning more than anything, and only you will see it when logged in.

    When you connect to your Dashboard over an HTTPS connection, we use an SSL certificate to encrypt your connection. SSL certificates need to be signed to a specific domain, and we can't provide certificates for every mapped domain and subdomain, so our certificate is signed for

    When you connect to your Dashboard via your own domain but your security software sees a certificate signed to it's altering you that may be intercepting your connection, which of course is perfectly fine.

    Most security systems like this should have a way to add a permanent exception so you will never see the warning again in this instance.

    There is no way to switch everything to HTTPS, the change only affects the blog's Dashboard.

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